You could lose ALL of your money investing in this product.

This product is a High Risk Investment and is much riskier than a savings account.

If you are looking for a fixed interest product that can achieve strong returns, then our Innovative Finance ISA eligible Bond could be just the right product for you. Interest is offered at up to 7% per annum which will potentially deliver you a healthy return on your investment over the life of the bond.

You can invest up to £20,000 of your ISA allowance each year

Earn up to 10% interest per annum

Support British businesses and entrepreneurs

Easily transfer your old ISA to Quay Financial

ISA’s have for a long time been a reliable way to save and invest your money. Quay Financial offers fantastic returns, flexibility and the opportunity to support local businesses. You can invest either through an ISA or directly. You can select interest to be paid bi-annual or on a compound basis.

We are a commercial lender, that is how we generate returns for investors. All of our loans are UK based and for hard working, genuine businesses and entrepreneurs, secured and monitored for both our investors as well as our own peace of mind.

We will only work with borrowers who can provide sufficient (in both quality and quantity) levels of security and whose cashflow will meet frequent re-payments. Performance is monitored regularly for our investor’s safety and we have a strict default and collections process in the unlikely event it is needed.

Our team of professionals are committed to ensuring that every lending application we receive is assessed rigorously. Our aim is to diversify your investment across multiple asset backed loans so that your returns will not be reliant on the repayment of any one loan and our security is not based on just one asset.

We believe in ensuring our success is your success!

How To Apply