About Us

Quay Financial is dedicated to offering a truly Innovative Investment Bond to you. The funds we raise from our investors will ultimately be put to work within UK businesses, not just in London and the financial centres but in local areas including the North West, where we are based, to help to power their growth, reducing their dependency on the banks and passing benefits to investors rather than to financial institutions. 

To put it simply, investing in a bond from Quay Financial will allow our investors to potentially benefit from the attractive rates of return on offer as a result of lending to businesses that the banks typically enjoy. By investing with, Quay Financial allows us to undertake funding to growing businesses to benefit not only you but them too.

Any businesses applying for funding through Quay Financial are subject to rigorous underwriting, and assessment criteria conducted by the professionals at Quay Financial as well as independent external counterparts. Our team is experienced and multi-disciplinary with years of combined professional knowledge in this sector.

How The Loans Work