Quay Financial can provide you access to an Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) through which you will be able to invest in our bonds.

Please note that each individual is only allowed to invest in one Innovative Finance ISA in any tax year. However, you are allowed to transfer savings from other types of ISA’s (Cash, Stocks and Shares) into an Innovative Finance ISA at any time

Your annual allowance is set by the Government and reset every April. For the 2023/2024 tax year the ISA allowance is £20,000, which provides a significantly enhanced opportunity for ISA investors

There is no limit on the value of transfers from other types of ISA’s

No, it is an easy process. Simply log onto the platform, complete the transfer form and our nominated ISA Manager can deal with your existing ISA provider to manage the transfer

The Quay Financial ISA is open to individuals investing £2,000 or more

No. All the costs are met by us

Yes, just log into the investor platform where you will be able to view all the up-to-date data on your investment. Quay Financial will also produce a newsletter and provide bond statements at regular intervals.

Asset backed lending is a form of loan which is secured on the assets of the business to whom the loan is being extended. This means that the loan is secured upon the assets within that business. Should, for any reason, the business be unable to meet repayments the assets can ultimately be sold and the proceeds applied towards meeting debts

A wholly independent professional Security Trustee holds on trust for all Quay Financial Bond investors an All-Monies Debenture over Quay Financial.

The All Monies Debenture includes security over all of the loans advanced by Quay Financial to its borrowers and is for the benefit of all  Bond holders.

Quay Financial are sympathetic to the fact that unforeseen events happen. In this regard, in the event of the death of the investor their legal personal representative (s) are permitted to apply for an early redemption, without penalty, following probate.

In the event of serious injury, serious ill health or disability, consideration may be given to allow an early redemption by Quay Financial in its absolute discretion and in each case having the circumstances evidenced to its satisfaction.

Any business or project will only be considered for funding after a satisfactory completion of a comprehensive review process has been undertaken. As part of this process, every prospective borrower must be capable of providing adequate security for any loan finance to be granted and they must evidence the ability to service the loan and interest sufficiently to return the rate and capital required.

Quay Financial looks closely at the underlying trading activities of businesses that are under consideration for financing from bond funds, seeking to diversify the investment portfolio and thereby mitigating the ultimate risk. Keen attention is paid to matters such as insurance, nature of the assets of the business, valuations and a range of other key criteria in order to minimise risk with respect to each underlying loan. We only lend to UK businesses which aids the monitoring, tracking and if necessary enforcement in respect of loans cost effective and robust.